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Patricia Smith


Education and Story

Patricia is currently completing her Bachelor of Arts in music therapy from West Virginia University. Her primary instrument is voice, but she also enjoys playing piano and guitar. During her practicum experiences at WVU, Patricia worked with students of varying disabilities in county schools, a homeless shelter, pediatrics unit, neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), and worked with a music therapist-led musical theatre experience, Dreamcatchers. Patricia has also had the opportunity to study music therapy in Thailand, while working with rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, as well as children with cerebral palsy in an orphanage. During her time at WVU, Patricia served as a founder and the first vice-president of the WVU Student Music Therapy Association and was a varsity cheerleader for the WVU Mountaineer’s football and basketball teams. Patricia decided to go into the field of music therapy because it combined her passions of music and serving others.

“I never realized the power music has in our lives until I found music therapy. Having the opportunity to help improve people’s quality of life with music is such a big deal. People come to you and they trust you, and that’s not something I take lightly. The fact that I get to help people using music makes experiences even more special and meaningful.”