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Emily Kent

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Education and Story

Emily is currently completing her Bachelor of Arts in Music Therapy with an emphasis in Special Education from Seattle Pacific University. Her primary instrument is voice, but also plays guitar, piano, and ukulele. Through her practicum experience at Seattle Pacific, Emily has worked with students with varying disabilities, at-risk youth and adolescents, and retirees in settings such as a nursing facility, inclusion classrooms, a non-profit music school and a music therapy camp. Emily also volunteered as a buddy in her church’s special needs program for a student with autism. During her time at SPU Emily was involved in Women’s Choir, Concert Choir and was the President of the Love Your Melon Crew (a program dedicated to give a beanie to every child battling cancer and supporting the children and their families throughout their cancer journey). Emily first learned of music therapy when looking into university programs and was excited to find a career that combines both of her passions of music and serving others to improve their quality of life.



“When I can make an impact in somebody else’s life, that’s when I have the most joy in my own life. Music has the power to change mood and can reveal emotions when it seems like there isn’t any other way to communicate feelings. And that’s what makes music so beautiful, its ability to be both simple and complex. Music allows for self-expression, creativity, but also can help improve skills of daily living, academics, cognitive skills, physical activity, language skills, and much more. I’m lucky to get to see clients feel empowered through successful music experiences every day.”