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Community Services

Individual Sessions

Our board certified music therapists use research-based neurologic music therapy interventions to meet the academic, sensorimotor, emotional, social, communication and development needs of your loved one in your home or facility setting. Individual community-based sessions are ideal for individuals who could benefit from customized experiences that incorporate creative and new approaches to meeting their needs in a more natural environment. Our music therapists assess the needs of your loved one, work side by side with you to develop goals and select techniques to help them succeed. Our techniques are drawn from a foundation in Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT). NMT is based on a neuroscience model of music perception and production, and the influence of music on functional changes in nonmusical brain and behavior functions. Research supports connections between speech and singing, rhythm and motor behavior, memory for song and memory for academic material, and overall ability of preferred music to enhance mood, attention, and behavior to optimize the your loved one’s ability to learn and interact.

Examples of those could benefit from community based individual sessions include:

  • An older adult with dementia who is bed-bound
  • A teen with autism who lives in a group home
  • A child with language delays receiving IEP based services in a school setting

If you interested in learning how an individual session could be beneficial, contact us today to schedule a free screening at one of our two locations. 

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Group Sessions

Group sessions are a cost effective way to provide services to a larger number of people at a time. Our professionals utilize a variety of neurologic music therapy (NMT) techniques to target health and wellness, sensorimotor, cognition, speech, emotional and social goals for the entire group. Our music therapists work directly with a facility, parent or administrator to develop goals, select appropriate neurologic music therapy techniques and design a customized group session. NMT techniques may address issues of mood control, affective expression, cognitive coherence, reality orientation, and appropriate social interaction to facilitate psychosocial functions.

Examples of individuals who could benefit from community based group sessions include:

  • A group home for adults with special needs
  • An inclusion preschool for young children with autism
  • A memory care or assisted living facility for older adults

If you interested in learning how a group session could be beneficial for your facility, contact us today! 

Email  info@themusictherapycenter.com 

Call 619-299-1411

Jam Session Program for Teens and Young Adults

This is one of our most popular programs! Has your teen or young adult with special needs ever wanted to be in a rock band? Here is their chance. Unlocking their potential and spotlighting their abilities, this group helps them learn the dynamics of building friendships, social skills and self expression through fresh and creative avenues. Drawing on peers and professionals from the music community, this group experiences music recording, instrument exploration, improvisation, songwriting, drumming and other projects based on the interests and needs of the group. No music experience needed! This group is provided in partnership with Banding Together and is provided at three locations: Point Loma, Carlsbad, and El Cajon. Facilitated with board-certified music therapists as well as teen and adult mentors. Please click the link below to register.

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Free music playgroups for
young children with special needs

MTCCA has partnered with the Autism Tree Project Foundation to provide free Music Playgroups for young children with autism and other special needs. In this group, children learn to interact, communicate and play through music making. This program is a life-line for newly diagnosed families who have just entered the world of autism and an incredible tool for you to encourage language development for your child. Since 2011, over 200 families have participated in these free monthly groups.

To register for this program please register here: http://www.autismtreeproject.org/en/musical-playgroup

Camp Jam

Founded in 2010, Camp Jam (Joining Arts & Music) is our popular music therapy camp for youth with autism and other special needs. Camp Jam provides unique opportunities for developing social skills and making new friends through fun and interactive music experiences. Provided three times a year: Holiday camp (December), Spring break camp (March) and our week-long summer camp (August). Watch the video to learn more here.