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Brandon Wright

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Education & Experience

Brandon completed his Bachelor of Arts in Music Therapy from California State University Northridge (CSUN). His primary instrument is alto saxophone and he also enjoys playing flute, guitar, and hand drums. Prior to studying at CSUN, Brandon worked as a Rehabilitation Instructor at United Cerebral Palsy, and then as a 1:1 Instructor at The Learning Academy, a non-public school at T.E.R.I. Inc. in Oceanside. During this time, Brandon worked with individuals aged 6-22 who have behavioral and learning challenges. At CSUN, Brandon’s practicum experiences included working with medically fragile children, individuals with cerebral palsy, adults with developmental delays, and adults with chemical dependency. Brandon was inspired to become a music therapist when he witnessed a music therapist in action at T.E.R.I. Inc. He noticed how effective music therapy interventions were with a wide range of individuals, and how skills acquired from music therapy sessions could be generalized into the non-musical aspects of their lives. “I witnessed how useful music interventions were with individual’s who had behavioral challenges at the company I worked for. From the first moment I experienced this, I knew that I had to be a part of this field, and then set my focus on becoming a music therapist. I feel excited and fortunate to be involved in a vocation where you can help individuals accomplish goals through a musical modality.”