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Our Philosophy

Why Choose Us?

The Music Therapy Center of California was founded in 2004 and has experience working with over 1,000 past and present clients. We have the experience and skills to help you and your family reach their goals. The strength of our team is blending creativity, personal attention and neuroscience interventions to bring the best possible service to you. In addition, our core values drive every aspect of our business.


Our Values

Our core values drive everything that we do.

  • We believe that every person is capable of leading a happy, engaging and rewarding life.
  • We are passionate about achieving excellence in everything we do.
  • We believe everyone has a best and we are compelled to nurture that pursuit.
  • We transform the community by building inclusive relationships.
  • We believe in inspiring hope.

We Are Family

As a small business we can provide a customized experience for you and consider you part of the Music Therapy Center of California family. We value the creation of a caring yet effective therapeutic relationship with each of our clients to overcome many obstacles and achieve goals. By maintaining a small client-to-therapist ratio in our groups, we ensure that you receive individualized attention. We have a long-term business horizon and believe in sure and steady growth by building personal relationships based on integrity, trust and recommendation. We excel at working directly with you to assess and capitalize on your loved one’s strengths to motivate them to reach their highest potential. For this reason we consult with other team members, including parents and staff, empowering them to use techniques from our sessions in outside settings to aid in generalizing skills into other areas of life.


Creativity + Science

We strive to create innovative musical experiences that unlock the potential for growth in each person that we serve. With many years of experience and a firm understanding of research in regards to specific music therapy strategies with special populations, we are able to offer outcomes that address client needs. Scientific research drives our music therapy services and provides the basis for how our sessions are designed. Our goal is not only to provide the highest quality music therapy service, but to show results through measurable qualitative and quantitative outcomes based on consistent documentation of client progress.



We believe that quality is the result of commitment, experience, knowledge, and innovation. We are dedicated to a high standard of musical excellence in the songs that we create and the sessions we design. Our aim is to provide the highest quality music therapy services for our clients. It is a value in which we believe, and indeed one which differentiates our service from that of others.


When you pay our hourly rate, you are getting more than just our expertise. We do not set out to deliver the cheapest service but instead to provide the best value and most efficient use of your money. When you pay our hourly rate, you don’t have to pay for our equipment, vacations, and sick time. We only get paid by you when we are providing music therapy for you. In comparison with other therapies, our services are competitive. Due to the motivating nature of our techniques, many of our clients have “break through” moments and are able to achieve their goals more quickly than with traditional therapies. This enhances the cost effectiveness of our services. We understand that many families may have financial limitations and therefore we aim to make our services accessible to all clients through various scholarships, grants, insurance reimbursement and other alternative funding sources. We believe that music therapy should be provided for all people regardless of financial constraints, and we work diligently to bring these services to everyone.

Cutting Edge Technology, Old Fashioned Values

While utilizing the latest research technologies and cutting edge musical instruments (EZ Play guitars, Clavinova, etc.), we also embrace a high moral and ethical standard with each client that we serve. We go the extra mile to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with our services.



“My high-school aged son has worked with MTCCA for almost 4 years. He loves it, which is important. On top of that, it has been great for his language and social skills. He gets to be in a band with his peers, then he works individually with his highly skilled, creative and fun therapist(s). Not long after he was diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder and the doctor recommended music therapy (and before my son was able to start), I was able to attend a conference where a presentation on music therapy and research supporting MT was the featured topic. I learned so much that day! One thing that really struck me was that music touches on every single area of the brain, unlike anything else. My son has had speech and OT from a very early age, but I wish he had had MT all along, as well. I highly recommend MTCCA and their team. They have put together an individualized program for my son, using his current IEP and regional center goals, and they modify as he grows and gains new skills. They are simply THE BEST and as I’ve mentioned before, my son loves the therapy and his therapists and so do we.”