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Volunteer Opportunities

We have a variety volunteer options available. Our experiences are perfect for high school/college students and beyond. Whether you just enjoy music and want to give back, want to learn about the field of music therapy, or you are interested in a related helping profession (counselor, psychologist, teacher, etc.) you can find right experience to meet your needs.

Email us here  info@themusictherapycenter.com 

 Or click here for an application to learn more about the volunteer opportunities.


“I’m so happy I had the opportunity to volunteer for such a wonderful program. I went into Camp Jam thinking that I was going to do what I love, helping others. Little did I know how much this experience would change me. I saw things in myself that I didn’t realize I had in me. It made me realize that I am on the right path of going into music therapy as a field. I hope that next summer you guys would have me back for Camp Jam as a volunteer. Again, thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity.” -Hannah, Camp Jam Volunteer